About Future Career

Innovative Approach

This product is an innovative pedagogical tool with online guidance that aims to support students in their choice of Higher Education studies and future work. This tool will allow users to identify the different representations of the main aspects and knowledge of different professions through images and videos.

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How to navigate through the content

On this webpage, you will find 3 sections with content related to future careers – CAREERS, PLACES and SKILLS.

Browse through CAREERS and find 30 professions presented by short video interviews, descriptions and skills needed.

Browse through PLACES to see 10 professions that are most in demand in the 5 European countries (the countries are the partners of the project). Here you will also be able to find information about the salary ranges for these professions in each of the 5 countries and the prospects of the 30 professions respectively.

Browse through SKILLS and find out the 10 most common soft skills required in the job market, a short description of each skill is complemented with graphic materials and some exercises you can use to work on that skill.

The contents are interlinked so you can easily browse through all the sections and find out useful information.

There is also the log-in option. Logging in allows you to create a profile so you can mark interesting content and create a personal portfolio, which can be downloaded as a pdf file and printed for your use.

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About the project

From the many years of experience of the partners, the idea of a project was born, where innovative and international tools would be developed to effectively guide young people in the process of their career path. This would make it easier to include them in the process itself and help them actively fulfill the role they have in choosing a career direction.

Future Career was developed as an output of Erasmus+ Project EDU. Guidance.

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Who is the project for?

The project is primarily aimed at students. We will develop innovative tools and approaches to their career direction, thus making it easier for them to decide on a possible continuation of their education and to choose their profession.

We will offer teachers education and support in introducing specific fields of study and using skills and tools, especially from the fields of information, communication and digital technology, which they can use to help guide students when continuing their education, as well as to counsellors and everyone involved in career student orientation. By comparing experiences at the international level, we will develop new approaches and improve already-known career guidance techniques. We will pay special attention to the use of developed digital tools.

2 platforms

Two online platforms were set up as part of the project. The first, that you are on right now, is aimed at young people who are looking for information about their career decision and enrolment in secondary school or to colleges. The second is intended for teachers and counsellors, who can thus help the student to choose the right profession for them. It contains various tools, with an emphasis on science professions – the professional future.

Future Career was developed as an output of Erasmus+ Project EDU. Guidance.

Project partners

MAD for Europe

GoINNO Institute


IES Pedro Salinas

ITALY for Europe

Platon School