Italy, a country known for its rich history, culture, and picturesque landscapes, offers a dynamic and diverse job market. In recent years, certain professions have emerged as highly demanded, reflecting Italy’s evolving economy. Industries such as fashion and design continue to thrive, with opportunities ranging from fashion designers and stylists to interior decorators and architects. The tourism sector remains vital, creating a demand for skilled professionals in hospitality, tour guiding, and event management.

Additionally, Italy’s strong manufacturing tradition contributes to the demand for engineers, technicians, and skilled tradespeople. Embrace the charm of Italy while pursuing a fulfilling career in these sought-after fields and discover the beauty of work in the country that blends history with innovation.

#JobSalary range (net wages)
1Machine Learning Engineer46.175 € and 81.947 €
2Robotics Engineer45.586 € and 80.719 €
3Sustainability Manager25.000 € and 55.000 €
4Human Resources Analyst23.000 € and 51.000 €
5Cyber Security Specialist26.000 € and 61.000 €
6Data Scientist32.000 € and 55.000 €
7Back-End Developer35.518 € and 63.126 €
8Product Manager35.000 € and 58.000 €
9Business Developer28.000 € and 75.000 €
10Data Scientist30.000 € and 55.000 €

Machine Learning Engineer

Salary range: €46,175 and €81,947

The figure of the machine learning engineer focuses on the design and implementation of machine learning algorithms useful for the operation of artificial intelligence systems. There is little doubt that this will be one of the most in-demand jobs in the future in Italy for companies and start-ups, just think of the many everyday applications that continuously learn information simply from our use.

Robotics Engineer

Salary range: €45,586 and €80,719

Robotics is one of the fastest growing sectors with numerous job profiles among the most in demand. While in the common imagination one can hardly imagine a future where the presence of robots will be ever greater, in the present the professional figure of the robotic engineer focuses on the design and construction of computer robots.

Sustainability Manager

Salary range: €25000 and €55000

The topic of sustainability, and the relationship between technology and the environment, is gaining more and more importance in many areas of work. In such a context, where companies can no longer ignore the environmental impact of their production processes, one of the most in-demand jobs in Italy is the sustainability manager, who will be responsible for devising strategies that benefit the company and promote more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable investments.

Human Resources Analyst

Salary range: €23000 and €51000

The growing demand of companies for new professionals to be included in their workforce has led to the figure of the HR analyst becoming increasingly important. The HR analyst is responsible for managing the recruitment of new personnel and verifying their compatibility with company policies.

Cyber Security Specialist

Salary range: €26000 and €61000

In a working environment strongly influenced by technology, the figure of the cyber security specialist plays a role of great importance for companies in every sector. He/she will have the task of managing the cyber security of company systems, detecting and neutralising network threats to data archives.

Data Scientist

Salary range: €32000 and €55000

Data scientists have the task of using and managing the information obtained from the collection of big data for the implementation of business strategies, in order to derive useful information for the company’s business.

Back-End Developer

Salary range: €35,518 and €63,126

With the growth of the e-commerce sector, the professional figure of the back-end developer is among the most in-demand in Italy for his or her ability to manage the behind-the-scenes of e commerce or a web page.

Product Manager

Salary range: €35000 and €58000

In the list of the most in-demand professional figures, the product manager cannot be missing, given the very important strategic role he plays within the company. This is the person who coordinates and manages all the activities involved in the creation of a product or brand. To perform what is one of the most in-demand jobs in most sectors requires specific skills and a lot of experience in similar corporate roles.

Business Developer

Salary range: €28000 and €75000

The business developer figure is also one of the most in-demand, as he or she is in charge of identifying potential new markets where the company can expand its presence. The main tasks of the business developer include contacting potential corporate customers and developing offers that can meet the identified needs.

Data Scientist

Salary range: €30000 and €55000

At the end of LinkedIn’s list of most in-demand jobs is the data engineer. This is the person who is responsible for identifying trends in data sets and developing algorithms to transform the collected data into structured and useful information for the company.