Portugal offers a diverse job market with a range of sought-after professions. In recent years, highly demanded jobs include IT and software development roles, driven by the growing tech industry.

The tourism and hospitality sector also offers numerous opportunities, thanks to Portugal’s popularity as a tourist destination. Healthcare professionals are in demand due to an aging population, while the renewable energy sector presents exciting prospects. Discover your ideal career path in Portugal and unlock a world of opportunities.

List of jobs in demand

#JobSalary range (net wages)
1Accountant/Economist1.469 € – 3.648 € per month
2Architect1.000 € – 1.924 € per month
3Cook836 € – 937 € per month
4Cybersecurity Expert1.050 € – 1.614 € per month
5Digital Marketeer1.007 € – 2.920 € per month
6Doctor1.859€ – 4.030€ per month
7Engineer1.011 € – 4.030 € per month
8Entrepreneur913 € – It depends on the investment area and the size of the business.
9Farmer743 € – 1.250 € per month
10Hairdresser753 € – 880 € per month
11HR Expert1.063 € – 1.759 € per month
12Journalist875 € – 2.805 € per month
13Kindergarten Teacher860 € – 2.130 € per month
14Lawyer949 € – 3.175 € per month
15Nurse1.095 € – 1.676 € per month
16Nutritionist1.108 € – 1.725 € per month
17Personal Trainer880 € – 1.064 € per month
18Pharmacist1.020 € – 2.407 € per month
19Photo and Video Editor860 € – 1.352 € per month
20Physiotherapist989 € – 1.498 € per month
21Police Officer809 € – 1.455 € per month
22Primary School Teacher1.171 € – 2.194 € per month
23Programming Technician1.344 € – 2.305 € per month
24Psychologist971 € – 1.931 € per month
25Secondary School Teacher1.380 € – 2.387 € per month
26School Counselor971 € – 1.931 € per month
27Veterinary1.289 € – 2.939 € per month
28Waiter756 € – 832 € per month
29Web Developer978 € – 1.801 € per month
30Web Influencer1.200 € – 4.000 € per month
31Youth worker/Monitor756 € – 805 € per month

1. Accountant/Economist

The economist solves economic and management problems by conducting research, monitoring data, analyzing information and preparing reports and strategies, and explains and predicts economic behaviors and trends by developing models.

Salary Range: 1.469€ – 3.648€ per month

Job prospects: The job market for economists is very favorable and very promising. This is a fundamental professional for the growth of all companies, as well as being indispensable for governments, state institutions, and even at a personal level, indicating the best investments to be made.

2. Architect

The building architect designs commercial, industrial, institutional residential and recreational buildings. He also plans and monitors their construction, maintenance and rehabilitation.

Salary Range: 1.000€ – 1.924€ per month

Job prospects: Currently, in Portugal, we have almost 27 thousand architects. At the moment, they are most likely to be employed in the construction area, an area which is increasingly creating spaces, new places and new structures, where this profession is essential.

However, in Portugal, architects are seen as an ancillary and elite profession, which is not essential to the improvement of the quality of life. In this sense, it is difficult for new graduates to enter this labor market.

3. Cook

The cook plans, organizes, prepares and cooks meals, following recipes or under the supervision of a chef, in hotels, restaurants and other catering and hotel facilities, on board ships, on passenger trains and in private homes.

Salary Range: 836€ – 937€ per month

Job prospects: The catering market is expanding, mostly because of the increase in tourism in recent years but also because of the appearance of chefs on entertainment shows.

There are, in fact, many job offers for cooks, chefs, kitchen assistants, among other professionals in this field. However, these proposals are usually precarious and there is a lot of competition.

4. Cybersecurity Expert

The database and network specialist are dedicated to safeguarding information and technological communications.

Salary Range: 1.050€ – 1.614€ per month

Job prospects: With the prone growth of technology, its importance in the exercise of various professions and, obviously, the need for extreme security it is expected that this area will grow by 35% between 2021 and 2031.

5. Digital Marketeer

Network marketers apply various marketing strategies, including digital marketing strategies to sell products and convince new people to join and start selling those products. They use personal relationships to attract customers and sell various types of products.

Salary Range: 1.007€ – 2.920€ per month

Job prospects: Growth in information technology knows no limits. With the constant and rapid evolution of technology, new needs and new professions have been created. Due to digitalization, online marketing is one of the most sought-after professions for departments and digital agencies that provide these services.

The pandemic accelerated a process that was gaining ground, but that now nobody doubts: our life is increasingly going digital. The need for companies to monetize this relationship with the digital world has opened the door for digital marketing to increasingly become a profession for the coming years.

This trend is confirmed by an analysis made by the social network LinkedIn, which highlights this profession as one of the most sought after in 2021, with companies feeling an increasing need to make their products and services reach the eyes of consumers. From 2020 to 2021, the demand for professionals in this sector increased by 33% and shows no signs of slowing down.

6. Doctor

The doctor studies, diagnoses, treats and prevents diseases, illnesses, injuries and other physical and mental debilities of human beings by applying the principles and procedures of modern medicine. Additionally, he/she plans, supervises and evaluates the implementation of care and treatment plans by other health service providers and carries out medical education and research activities.

Salary Range: 1.859€ – 4.030€ per month

Job prospects: Doctors may work in the national health system or in private hospitals and clinics. In Portugal, there is a shortage of these professionals, which means a high percentage of employability.

7. Engineer

An engineer is a professional concerned with applying scientific and mathematical knowledge and creativity to develop solutions to technical problems. Engineers design materials, structures, and systems while considering the limitations imposed by practicality, regulation, safety, and cost. It is a person with technical-scientific training that makes him capable of solving technological, practical and often complex problems, linked to the design, realization and implementation of products, systems or services.

The engineer can work within several specialties: aeronautics, agronomy, food, environment, civil, computing, control and automation, electrical, mechanical, chemical, Telecommunications, among others.

Salary Range: 1.011€ – 4.030€ per month

Job prospects: Climate change, the drive for sustainability and the pandemic crisis are proving that STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) careers are becoming increasingly important. The engineer is present in all these productive sectors and associated services such as energy, industrial (mechanical, electrical, electronic and chemical), logistics, environment, food, hospital, transport, naval, infrastructures, construction and building, engineering, services, as well as in administration, governments and even consulting.

Portugal is one of the countries where more engineers are trained and professionally developed, mainly in sustainability.

In other areas, such as construction, for example, it is true that the economic crises experienced in recent years have contributed to a downturn in civil construction. However, in a modern world such as ours, civil engineering professionals will always be a necessity, which contributes to the fact that many are hired right at the start of their careers.

8. Entrepreneur

The individual entrepreneur is the one who operates in the market with his own business activity.

Entrepreneurs identify opportunities in the market and launch products to meet the needs of a target audience.

Salary Range: 913€ – It depends on the investment area and the size of the business.

Job prospects: Over the past 30 years, there has been a global growth in the number of entrepreneurs. This international trend has a strong reflection in our country, with the success demonstrated by the high number of businesses.

In Portugal, according to recent data from Eurostat (the European Union statistics service), in the second quarter of 2021, the registration of new companies increased by 36%.

9. Farmer

Farmers are responsible for managing all aspects of animal production and horticultural production as a small enterprise or for self-sufficiency.

Salary Range: 743€ – 1.250€ per month

Job prospects: The agricultural sector has not been able to create value in the last 20 years. This area is struggling with challenges such as sustainability, the water challenge, climate change and, of course, consumer preference for supermarkets.

10. Hairdresser

Hairdressers offer beauty services such as cutting, coloring, perming and styling of clients’ hair. They provide hair and scalp treatments and shampoo, treat and rinse hair.

They ask their clients about their hair style preferences to provide personalized services.

Salary Range: 753€ – 880€ per month

Job prospects: In Portugal, the job market is full of hairdressers. Therefore, it is essential that the professional stands out for the quality and innovation of his work. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for them to succeed.

11. HR Expert

Human resources managers develop and implement strategies that help their employers to select and retain suitably qualified staff in the relevant business sector. They recruit staff, prepare job advertisements, interview and pre-select candidates, negotiate with employment agencies and create working conditions. Human resources technicians also administer payslips, review salaries and provide advice on wage benefits and labour law. In addition, they organise training opportunities to improve employee performance.

Salary Range: 1.063€ – 1.759€ per month

Job prospects: All companies need a human resources director, so the job market for these professionals is good. The best salaries are offered in large companies, however, also the public sector employs this professional.

12. Journalist

The journalist investigates, interprets and communicates news and public affairs, through newspapers, television, radio and other media.

Salary Range: 875€ – 2.805€ per month

Job prospects: Journalism has remained alive for several years, as it is essential to inform society. This area is becoming increasingly competitive, however, in Portugal, there are not many opportunities for employment for these professionals.

13. Kindergarten Teacher

The kindergarten teacher promotes the social, physical and intellectual development of children below primary school age through educational activities and play.

Salary Range: 860€ – 2.130€ per month

Job prospects: In Portugal, most of the kindergarten teachers work in public schools and the other part is contracted by public schools, private nurseries and private kindergartens.

It is certain that this is an area that currently faces a huge challenge. If, a few years ago, there was a shortage of these professionals, now we have an excess of them. The problem is aggravated by the constant decrease in the birth rate, which leads to fewer children and, consequently, fewer job vacancies for these professionals.

14. Lawyer

Lawyers conduct research on legal problems, advise clients on the legal aspects of problems, defend cases or sponsor court cases. They also draft laws and regulations.

Salary Range: 949€ – 3.175€ per month

Job prospects: The traditional lawyer model is disappearing and the current health crisis has further highlighted the need to reflect on the future of the profession and, consequently, to seek an education model that can train lawyers to face a new environment. With confinement alone, telework, for example, has revolutionized the modus operandi of the lawyer.

The 2017 Labour Market Guide conducted by recruitment consultancy Hays indicates that specialist lawyers are at the top of firms’ recruitment requirements, 72% of lawyers consider changing jobs this year and 76% are available to emigrate and work abroad.

The legal profession is, increasingly, an activity that is under serious threat. With the economic crisis, there is a decrease in demand for legal services. advocacy services.

15. Nurse

The nurse provides treatment, support and care services to persons who require nursing care because of the effects of ageing, injury, illness or other physical or mental debility. They also provide care for people who present potential health risks. In addition, they assume responsibility for planning and managing patient care, including the supervision of other health professionals, working autonomously or in teams with doctors and others in the practical application of preventive and curative measures.

Salary Range: 1.095€ – 1.676€ per month

Job prospects: The last few years have made us look at doctors, nurses and assistants with renewed admiration. However, in Portugal, for some years now, there has been an increase in the emigration rate by nurses. This situation is largely due to the lack of conditions necessary to perform the expected functions, in contrast with the offers existing in other countries.

In Portugal, there is great concern about conditions such as the labor load, continuous training, career progression and fair remuneration. If this situation continues for many more years, we will end up witnessing a decrease in the number of health professionals due to the search for better conditions and greater appreciation found in other countries.

16. Nutritionist

Nutritionists assess, plan, and implement programs to improve the impact of food and nutrition on human health.

Salary Range: 1.108€ – 1.725€ per month

Job prospects: The small size of the Portuguese market and the economic crises experienced have led to the inability to offer the employment conditions that many have dreamed of. In the national health service, hiring is necessary, but it happens in small numbers. In gyms and pharmacies, sectors that employ a considerable number of professionals, the conditions offered do not meet the value of the profession.

The labor market is small and the consistent increase of jobs created in the health and social support sector simply does not keep up with the number of new graduates. Despite negative perceptions, the unemployment situation has been consistently declining since 2013.

17. Personal Trainer

The physical activity and recreation instructor leads, guides and instructs groups and individuals in outdoor recreation, fitness or adventure activities.

Salary Range: 880€ – 1.064€ per month

Job prospects: Gymnasiums have gained a new momentum in recent years, with the growing awareness of the importance of leading a more active and less sedentary life. In this context, the profession of personal trainer has gained preponderance.

The great cause for concern for most Portuguese personal trainers is job insecurity. A large part of the people working as personal trainer in Portuguese gyms have a precarious contract with the company they work for, which limits their ability to make plans.

18. Pharmacist

The pharmacist stores, preserves, aggregates and distributes medical products and advises regarding the appropriate use and side effects of medication following prescriptions made by physicians and other health professionals. Contributes to the research, testing, preparation, prescription and monitoring of medicinal therapies for the improvement of human health.

Salary Range: 1.020€ – 2.407€ per month

Job prospects: In Portugal there are approximately 15 thousand pharmacists working in different areas, namely community pharmacy, clinical analysis, pharmaceutical industry, hospital pharmacy, teaching, research and pharmaceutical distribution, among others. Even though the health sector in general is going through troubled times in Portugal it should be noted that eight out of ten professionals get a job within a maximum of three months after finishing their course.

19. Photo and Video Editor

The image editor can alter, edit and work with images. This work can occur through video, computer graphics and 3D, photography and others. In this job it is also possible to participate in the development of books, commercials, as well as movies and documentaries.

Salary Range: 860€ – 1.352€ per month

Job prospects: The job market in the cultural area is not very good, especially in cinema. In Portugal, there are not many film productions, which makes it difficult to get a job in the 7th art.

Although most employers for assistants, as well as editors, are in television and cinema stations and producers, today we have other options. The internet has come to bring opportunities for these professionals. Youtube, for example, is today one of the biggest social networks, so many editors get job opportunities for youtubers, especially those who already have a large volume of videos.

20. Physiotherapist

The physiotherapist assesses, plans and implements rehabilitation programs that improve and restore human motor functions, maximize movement capacity, alleviate pain syndromes and treat or prevent physical problems associated with injury, illness or other damage.

Salary Range: 989€ – 1.498€ per month

Job prospects: Portugal, in the last half century, has seen the birth and growth of a profession that is now the third largest in health care and the most representative in Rehabilitation: Physiotherapy.

This growth is largely due to the number of Physiotherapy Schools which train around 600-700 physiotherapists per year. 85% of physiotherapists work outside the National Health Service (NHS).

Private self-employment is becoming increasingly relevant and is the most valid option, given the scarce number of public health posts. However, being self-employed can be risky, as it does not always make it possible to achieve a stable economic life.

21. Police Officer

Police officers use investigative methods to prevent crime, search for and apprehend criminals, and protect the public from violent and criminal activities. They perform surveillance and patrol activities to prevent crimes and apprehend criminals.

Salary Range: 809€ – 1.455€ per month

Job prospects: According to the data from the last competitions to join the police, this job is becoming less and less attractive. Of the 1020 existing job vacancies, only 915 were filled.

It is a dangerous profession with an ungenerous remuneration. For several years, police officers have been waiting for their allowances and pay supplements to be revised.

22. Primary School Teacher

Primary school teachers teach a variety of subjects in the context of teaching at primary level.

Salary Range: 1.171€ – 2.194€ per month

Job prospects: It is urgent to renew and requalify the teaching staff, Portugal has one of the oldest in the OECD, with only 1.1% of teachers under 35, and 53% over 50. This means that 40% of teachers are expected to retire by 2030.

The number of students with teaching qualifications has fallen by 70% since the beginning of the century, a factor that reflects the state of the profession in the Portuguese context. For this reason, it is urgent to reconfigure the criteria for access, selection, placement, evaluation and remuneration of teachers.

23. Programming Technician

The software developer investigates, analyses, and evaluates the requirements of existing and new software applications and operating systems. Additionally, he/she designs, develops, tests and maintains software solutions to meet such requirements.

Salary Range: 1.344€ – 2.305€ per month

Job prospects: Portugal has a technology talent problem at the moment: companies have more vacancies than trained people available.

There are several dimensions that need programmers (for example: end consumer platforms, payment systems, marketing companies, retail, tourism agencies, banking institutions, among others) so these professionals will continue to be in high demand in the next decade.

This professional area has an employability rate of around 96%.

24. Psychologist

The psychologist investigates and studies mental processes and the behaviors of human beings, as individuals or in groups, and applies his or her knowledge to the promotion of personal, social, educational or occupational adjustment or development.

Salary Range: 971€ – 1.931€ per month

Job prospects: The effects of the pandemic have also been felt in mental health, adding to the anxiety and stress that were already common conditions before COVID-19. The need for mental health professionals, from behavioral therapists to psychotherapists and psychologists, is increasingly recognized. If we look at this situation positively, it can be seen that it is very unlikely that machines will replace the personalized care that these professionals have with their patients.

However, in Portugal, there are more than 23 thousand psychologists. Currently, Psychology is referred to as one of the courses that generates more unemployed people.

According to Ordem dos Psicólogos Portugueses (Order of Portuguese Psychologists)”the difficulties of professional occupation in the area are not new”, but, even so, it underlines that, “unfortunately, there is still no sensible and full use of the existing resources in needy areas such as health, education, social aspect and justice, where the necessary minimums are not ensured”.

25. Secondary School Teacher

A teacher in secondary education teaches one or more subjects at secondary level, excluding subjects whose purpose is to prepare students for the performance of a specific profession.

Salary Range: 1.380€ – 2.387€ per month

Job prospects: Currently, despite some positive changes in public policies in Education, resulting from different political orientations, there is still a situation of devaluation of the teaching activity. The instability of the career, the existence of too much bureaucracy, the loss of authority and the excess of students per class are some of the reasons that lead some teachers to give up teaching.

To retain teachers in teaching and attract young people to the profession, it is urgent to reduce bureaucracy; offer better conditions for people, open more effective positions in schools and change hiring methods. The teaching in Portugal does not present a promising future, so it is predicted that in 2030, 50 thousand teachers will leave the education system. It is not possible to replace these professionals with recourse only to initial training. It is necessary to think about a strategy to rejuvenate the teaching profession, to dignify teaching and to retain and attract the best teachers to the profession.

26. School Counselor

Guidance counsellors provide practical and emotional support to students in an educational institution, either in small groups, in classrooms or individually.

Guidance counsellors may provide advice on personal problems such as social integration and behavioral problems, and on teaching-related issues such as creating appropriate curricula or discussing test results, and they inform students about other teaching options. They may work closely with a school social worker and/or with services and refer pupils to other support services if necessary. In Portugal, this function is carried out by a psychologist with expertise in education.

Salary Range: 971€ – 1.931€ per month

Job prospects: Since 1991 the law on the presence of psychology in schools is intact, not foreseeing its compulsory, but in the school environment everything has changed. The Ordem dos Psicólogos Portugueses (Order of Portuguese Psychologists) says there are around 1.200 psychologists in schools but that the ratio in Portugal is still below international recommendations and estimates that there is a lack of more than 500 professionals in public teaching establishments.

The system for hiring psychologists in schools is precarious. This type of hiring occurs annually and is usually characterized by delays and high turnover of workers, which leads to the quality of psychological intervention is negatively affected, not allowing a continuous work and planning. Moreover, it also hinders the proper insertion and deeper involvement of the psychologist in the school and in the school community, not being possible to respond to permanent needs of the education system.

27. Veterinary

Veterinarians are professionals with a comprehensive scientific training. They have the authority to practice independently, ethically and with personal responsibility all aspects of veterinary medicine in the interest of animal health, animal welfare and public health, in accordance with national and international legislation.

Salary Range: 1.289€ – 2.939€ per month

Job prospects: The growing number of graduates in Veterinary Medicine is a complex problem that should be analyzed and urgently addressed.

Veterinary medicine has areas that are not considered by future professionals in the sector. When it comes to choosing, most future European veterinary doctors prefer companion animal clinics, which is already practiced by 58% of European veterinary doctors.

28. Waiter

Waiters provide customers with food and drink as requested. Waiters usually work in restaurants, bars and hotels. This involves setting up tables, serving food or drinks and taking payment.

Salary Range: 756€ – 832€ per month

Job prospects: In recent years, because of the growth in tourism, the restaurant sector is growing.

The main difficulty in catering is the lack of conditions for workers. Employees have a low salary, usually only one weekly off and an arduous schedule.

29. Web Developer

A Developer’s job is to create, write and test websites, applications or software. Developers work in teams, mostly with clients, project Managers and other Developers.

Salary Range: 978€ – 1.801€ per month

Job prospects: Over the pandemic, the digital world has grown extremely and therefore, it was necessary to change our routine for the new day-to-day life. By hiring a Web Developer companies can ensure the optimized and correct functioning of their websites and apps and consequently increase their profits. This is a broad market with many professional opportunities, so the web developer will be, like so many other technological professions, the future of business.

30. Web Influencer

A digital influencer is a professional who produces content on the internet, being able to influence their follower base from their behavior.

Salary Range: 1.200€ – 4.000€ per month

Job prospects: Due to the technological trends and the effects of the revolution that social networks are causing many people consider the digital influencer as a profession of the future. According to the 2015 Global Trust in Advertising survey, 83% of consumers trust recommendations made by people they know above any other advertising.

It is impossible to deny that the strength of influencers in recent years has been gaining an important prominence and companies have begun to bet on this format to help brands in their process of dissemination and contextualization of messages.

31. Youth worker/Monitor

The monitor assists the head teacher by supervising children in schools and other childcare settings.

Salary Range: 756€ – 805€ per month

Job prospects: These professionals are essential as they are entrusted with educational responsibilities and perform the functions of logistical support technicians for teaching activities.

However, most of the professionals who perform this function are not trained for it, a gap that should be filled urgently.

The Minister of Education has attributed urgency to the hiring of these around 1,000 operational assistants for schools. Currently, numbers are operating below the ratios in this area. Being an education assistant is a precarious job. These professionals have a low salary and are subject, annually, to a new work competition, in which they may not be placed and, consequently, become unemployed.

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