Spain offers a dynamic and diverse job market, driven by its vibrant economy and rich cultural heritage. Highly demanded jobs in Spain span various sectors, reflecting the country’s evolving industries. The tourism and hospitality sector remains a key pillar, providing abundant opportunities in hotel management, tourism services, and event planning.

The technology industry is also flourishing, with a growing demand for professionals in software development, data analysis, and digital marketing. Additionally, Spain’s construction and engineering sectors offer promising career prospects, particularly in areas such as architecture and renewable energy. Embrace the vibrant Spanish lifestyle while pursuing a rewarding career in these sought-after fields, and unlock a world of possibilities in this captivating Mediterranean country.

Below we break down the 20 most in-demand jobs in Spain and the most important skills that hiring managers take into account.

#JobSalary range (net wages)
1Teacher16.020 € – 43.992 € per year
2Medical doctor28.000 € – 50.000 € per year
3Nurse18.864 € – 29.100 € per year
4ECommerce Manager27.000 € – 50.000 € per year
5Custom Service specialist14.004 € – 29.004 € per year
6Real estate agent35.000 € – 50.000 € per year
7Community Manager10.200 € – 31.428 € per year
8General Consultant25.000 € – 32.000 € per year
9Web developer25.500 € – 50.004 € per year
10Cashier and stock clerk13.200 € – 20.112 € per year
11Content Marketing Specialist17.364 € – 30.000 € per year
12Psychologist18.840 € – 34.572 € per year
13Software engineer30.000 € – 83.856 € per year
14Personal and professional mentor30.000 € – 47.000 € per year
15Data scientist25.000 € – 40.000 € per year
16Financial advisor15.000 € – 36.996 € per year
17Product designer25.000 € – 30.000 € per year
18Project manager25.000 € – 43.000 € per year
19Business developer26.000 € – 49.000 € per year
20Sales representative15.000 € – 40.000 € per year

1. Teacher

Salary range: 16.020 € – 43.992 € per year

Main hiring companies: IMF Smart Education, CES Escuela Superior de Imagen y Sonido, Universidad Nebrija

Job prospects: Many educational institutions found it necessary to close their facilities, which led to a shift from face-to-face education to distance and online education. Consequently, there was a growing need for teachers with digital skills, especially in positions such as academic tutor, secondary or university teacher and language teacher. This is a job that has great current and future prospects.

2. Medical doctor

Salary range: 28.000 € – 50.000 € per year

Main hiring companies: Quirónsalud, Spring Professional

Job prospects: Spain is one of the European countries most affected by COVID-19, which generated a large need for specialised medical professionals. The most in-demand areas in the country are family doctors, paediatricians and cardiologists, who can choose to work in all types of healthcare institutions.

3. Nurse

Salary range: 18.864 € – 29.100 € per year

Main hiring companies: Amazon, Quirónprevención, B. Braun Group, Clínica San Vicente

Job prospects: Since the beginning of the pandemic, nursing staff have become indispensable in healthcare facilities. If you have the necessary licences, you have a good chance of finding well-paid career options in Spain in 2022. Among the most common positions are intensive care nurses and emergency nurses.

4. ECommerce Manager

Salary range: 27.000 € – 50.000 € per year

Top Companies Hiring: Amazon, Huawei, Decathlon, McAfee

Job prospects: Hiring for ECommerce managers has increased in recent years, especially in Spain, as it is one of the largest e-commerce hubs on the European continent. If you have skills in logistics management, warehouse management systems and supply chain management, you can secure a job with globally recognised companies.

5. Customer Service Specialist

Salary range: 14.004 € – 29.004 € per year

Main hiring companies: Amazon, Webhelp, MediaMarkt Iberia, MSX International, Prosegur

Job outlook: Since COVID-19, customer service positions have been in high demand and are among the most sought-after jobs in Spain in 2022. If you have skills in technical support, troubleshooting and customer service, you have a wide range of options and opportunities for career growth.

6. Real estate agent

Salary range: 35.000 € – 50.000 € per year

Main hiring companies: RE/MAX Urbe II, Keller Williams Habita2, The Simple Rent, Zome Madrid

Job prospects: Since remote work started to be implemented in companies, many people have decided to move from the city to the suburbs in search of a better quality of life. Therefore, profiles such as real estate agent or real estate manager represent a great opportunity to get a well-paid job.

7. Community Manager

Salary range: 10.200 € – 31.428 € per year

Main hiring companies: Domestika, Accenture España, Ogilvy

Job prospects: Companies are investing more and more resources to improve their digital presence, which means that professionals with skills in social media management, digital marketing, SEO, Google Ads and digital strategy have a high chance of getting a job with many financial benefits and development opportunities in Spain.

8. General Consultant

Salary range: 25.000 € – 32.000 € per year

Main hiring companies: Adecco, Ineco, Viseo Iberia, Between Technology

Job prospects: Jobs in the business industry are also seeing significant growth. So knowledge in management consulting, business development and strategy will allow you to qualify for high ranking jobs in Spain, such as corporate strategy directors and business development consultants.

9. Web developer

Salary range: 25.500 € – 50.004 € per year

Main hiring companies: Banco Santander, Sage, Oracle, PrimeIT Spain

Job prospects: Having a professional profile as a web developer secures you a job, as almost any company today requires the presence of one. Knowing how to program and obtaining certifications that validate your knowledge will be of great help to increase your job opportunities. In addition, there is a wide variety of vacancies for web developers in Spain.

10. Cashier and stock clerk

Salary range: 13.200 € – 20.112 € per year

Main employers: IKEA, Leroy Merlin, Mercadona, Abercrombie & Fitch Co, Levis Strauss & Co.

Job prospects: Retail has not been completely displaced, so cashiers/stockers are still needed in large companies. Developing skills such as teamwork, customer service and problem solving will help you gain employment with reputable companies in Spain.

11. Content Marketing Specialist

Salary range: 17.364 € – 30.000 € per year

Top Employers: Domestika, GoStudent, Wunderman Thompson Spain

Job prospects: Those who are dedicated to planning and generating digital content have an excellent opportunity to grow professionally in the Spanish market, because it is one of the categories that has experienced the highest hiring rates. The main skills to fit this profile are content writing, podcasting and video creation.

12. Psychologist

Salary range: 18.840 € – 34.572 € per year

Main hiring companies: Primark, Mira’m Foundation, Centro Altea

Job outlook: The pandemic caused the development of different types of psychological problems in people of all ages, which increased the need for mental health professionals. Specifically in Spain, the positions of clinical psychologist, therapist and psychiatrist lead the list of the most in-demand jobs in 2022.

13. Software engineer

Salary range: 30.000 € – 83.856 € per year

Main hiring companies: Adidas, Deloitte, Capgemini Engineering

Job prospects: Spain has some of the best universities in the world in the field of engineering and also contributes to the recruitment that requires university studies in this field. If you want to join a good company, we recommend that you strengthen your knowledge in software development, DevOps and cloud computing.

14. Personal and professional mentor

Salary range: 30.000 € – 47.000 € per year

Main recruiting companies: Freepik Company, Colvin, Evolution

Career prospects: A very interesting phenomenon that emerged from COVID-19 was the change of trajectory of some professionals towards mentoring. This is an unexpected but very satisfying turn of events for those involved, because with the help of their knowledge in any area, they have the ability to mentor others to improve personally and professionally. In addition to this, it forms part of one of the most in-demand positions in Spain in 2022.

15. Data scientist

Salary range: 25.000 € – 40.000 € per year

Main hiring companies: Ribera Salud, Shift Technology, Smartme Analytics

Job prospects: Data science and artificial intelligence specialists are in high demand in Spain, especially as it is a country that tends to invest in technology. Consequently, training in fields such as basic mathematics, programming and computing will help you to get an excellent job.

16. Financial advisor

Salary range: 15.000 € – 36.996 € per year

Top employers: Ryanair, MAPFRE, OVB Allfinanz España, The Adecco Group

Job prospects: No matter how the economy is doing, there is always a need for a financial advisor to guide individuals and companies in managing their finances. This is a professional profile that tops the list of the most sought-after jobs in Spain and offers very high growth prospects.

17. Product designer

Salary range: 25.000 € – 30.000 € per year

Top Companies Hiring: GitHub, Scopely, Glovo

Job prospects: A professional in this area is dedicated to creating and designing the look and feel of a product, regardless of the industry. This means that it is an excellent job for you if you have creative, communicative and design skills, as it is part of the most sought-after job category in Spain. It also tends to offer high financial rewards.

18. Project manager

Salary range: 25.000 € – 43.000 € per year

Main hiring companies: Glovo, Morgan Philips Group, Selectra, Beam Suntory

Job prospects: The project manager is a person who is responsible for defining the best strategies for carrying out a project and overseeing the progress of the project. Therefore, there is a high demand for project managers in the Spanish market. Among the skills valued in this position are leadership, teamwork, organisation and effective communication.

19. Business developer

Salary range: 26.000 € – 49.000 € per year

Top Employers: Catalana Occidente, Prodware, Yukon it Spain & Europe

Job prospects: No matter what size a company is, it can always benefit from the work of an experienced business developer. People who specialise in this field know how to identify new opportunities for growth, so the prospects for this career are very positive.

20. Sales representative

Salary range: 15.000 € – 40.000 € per year

Main hiring companies: Leroy Merlin, Decathlon Spain

Job prospects: Another of the most in-demand job options in Spain in 2022 is that of a sales representative. This is a position with many job opportunities, as all industries need a person who is able to persuade others to effectively sell their products or services.