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A person with this skill is:

  1. A visionary who can see beyond the ordinary and imagine new possibilities.
  2. Innovative thinker who can generate unique ideas and find unconventional solutions to challenges.
  3. Possess a keen sense of imagination, allowing them to bring fresh perspectives and originality to their work.
  4. They have the power to inspire others, evoke emotions, and make a lasting impact through their artistic expression or innovative contributions.

What is creativity?

Creativity is a soft skill that refers to the ability to think outside the box, generate original ideas, and find innovative solutions to problems. It involves combining existing knowledge, experiences, and perspectives in new and imaginative ways to create something unique.

Creative individuals possess the ability to approach problems and situations with an open mind, to experiment and take risks, and to connect seemingly unrelated concepts to form new ideas. They are able to visualize and articulate ideas clearly and persuasively, and are often excellent communicators who can inspire and motivate others.

Creativity is not limited to artistic or design-related fields, but is essential in almost all professions, including business, technology, science, and engineering. It is a highly valued skill in the workplace, as it enables individuals and organizations to innovate, adapt to change, and remain competitive in a constantly evolving global marketplace.

Developing creativity involves cultivating curiosity, exploring new ideas and perspectives, and being willing to take risks and embrace failure as a learning opportunity. It also involves learning to collaborate with others, being open to feedback, and developing the ability to revise and refine ideas over time.

Overall, creativity is a powerful soft skill that can unlock new possibilities and opportunities, and lead to personal and professional success.


Innovative thinker


Inspire others

Example of practical training for creativity: the incomplete figure test

Use the incomplete figure test, which a fun drawing activity where you start with a small, simple scribble like a half-circle or loop, and then turn it into a complete drawing. You can do this with your friends too – just use the same scribble and see how each of you turns it into something unique and different. It’s a great way to expand your creativity and get new ideas by seeing how others interpret the same small design.