In Greece, the evolving job market has witnessed significant transformations in recent years. Certain professions have faded away, making room for new ones that now play a crucial role in our daily lives. The future of work in Greece is predominantly centered around technology and business, where innovative roles have emerged to meet the demands of a digital era.

Additionally, there has been a notable rise in creative professions, particularly in the digital realm, highlighting the increasing importance of artistic and imaginative skills in various industries. Discover the exciting world of work in Greece, where technology, business, and creativity intertwine to shape the professions of tomorrow.

Μore specifically, the professions in demand in Greece are:

#JobSalary range (net wages)
1Psychologist706 € – 4.932 € per month
2Primary school teacher424 € – 1.733 € per month
3Lawyer853 € – 3.965 € per month
4Doctor972 € – 4.560 € per month
5Videographer508 € – 1.537 € per month
6Police Officer812 € – 1.947 € per month
7Entrepreneur620 € – 1.301 € per month
8Accountant / Economist823 € – 2.613 € per month
9Engineer816 € – 2.560 € per month
10Youth worker / Monitor769 € – 2.627 € per month
11Web developer2.583 € – 5.500 € per month
12Cook575 € – 2.007 € per month
13Waiter518 € – 1.233 € per month
14Secondary School Teacher897 € – 3.141 € per month
15School Counselor769 € – 2.627 € per month
16Personal trainer421 € – 1.822 € per month
17Journalist681 € – 2.073 € per month
18Pharmacist705 € – 2.060 € per month
19Nutritionist627 € – 1.571 € per month
20Physiotherapist606 € – 1.669 € per month
21Hairdresser469 € – 1.170 € per month
22Kindergarten teacher722 € – 3.460 € per month
23Web Influencer327 € – 7.832 € per month
24Tourist Guide633 € – 1.404 € per month
25Veterinary672€ – 2.453 € per month
26Farmer583 € – 1.364 € per month
27Digital Marketer892 € – 3.699 € per month
28HR Expert1.135 € – 4.303 € per month
29Programming Technician892 € – 2.732 € per month
30Cyber security Expert723 € – 4.732 € per month
32Architect702 € – 2.078 € per month
32Nurse628 € – 1.911 € per month


Salary range: 706€ – 4.932€ per month

Job prospects:  Τhe profession of psychologist in recent years has started to become very popular in Greek society, as needs for support and counseling have arisen in various fields. In addition, multiculturalism in schools and racism are social phenomena with humanitarian content, as they determine the balance of a national entity. They can work either in the public or private sector.

Primary school teacher

Salary range: 424€ – 1.733€ per month

Job prospects:  Due to a large number of foreigners who do not speak the Greek language, new professional employment opportunities are created. Teachers can reach the rank of elementary school principal or counselor. They are mainly employed in public and private primary education and in many kinds of educational and pedagogical activities. As freelancers, they can establish their own private school or engage in private lessons.


Salary range: 853€ – 3.965€ per month

Job prospects: A law school graduate can engage in the various legal professions like lawyer, judge, notary public, bailiff, or prosecutor, pursue a career as a diplomat, staff the public administration, or work as a legal advisor in private businesses. Technology, negotiation and organizational skills and an understanding of financials and business objectives are skills that are highly valued in the job market for a lawyer.


Salary range: 972€ – 4.560€ per month

Job prospects: A characteristic of the doctors’ profession is high specialization and many years of training. Medicine is divided into 39 basic different specialties recognized by the Greek state. All medical specialties belong to four basic branches of medical science : pathology, surgery, clinical laboratory and laboratory medicine, psychiatry. Τhe medical profession always enjoys the same importance regardless of the times.


Salary range: 508€ – 1.537€ per month

Job prospects: It’s a profession with many opportunities for development and satisfactory remuneration. Videographers can be employed in the public or private sector as employees or work as freelancers. In particular, they can work in television stations, advertising agencies, etc.

Police Officer

Salary range: 812€ – 1.947 € per month

Job prospects: The duty of a police officer is to maintain public order, peace and safety. He works for the Hellenic Police which is a civil service with a military organization and reports to the Ministry of Public Order. They conduct preliminary investigations, execute orders of court decisions, guard public buildings, protect the lives of dignitaries. Depending on the standard qualifications, they are divided into specialties and become a) constables, b) chief constables, c) officers.


Salary range: 620€ – 1.301€ per month

Job prospects: An entrepreneur has acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to operate professionally in all sectors, either as an executive of businesses, organizations and services in the private and public sector, or as self-employed. It applies modern scientific and technological methods, as well as administrative practices in the organization and administration of private and public sector enterprises. 

Accountant / Economist

Salary range: 823€ – 2.613€ per month

Job prospects: The outlook for the demand for Accountants in the future looks positive, due to developments in the labor market. Their salaries vary according to specialization and work experience. The accountant can work in companies, public or banking organizations as well as in State or local government enterprises. He can also work as a freelancer. Many times, Accountants start their own companies and do the accounting for many small companies or individuals. Often, also, some Accountants who work as employees in companies, may also have their own tax office.


Salary range: 816€ – 2.560€ per month

Job prospects: Today, Engineers face some unemployment problems. The modernization and expansion of industrial activity in our country is estimated to create new jobs and better prospects. The Mechanical Engineer can work as a salaried employee in the Ministry of Industry, in organizations or municipal enterprises, in private enterprises, crafts, industries, in technical companies and in companies dealing with the trading of mechanical equipment. As a freelancer he can deal with the study and construction of mechanical installations in buildings or other large technical projects.

Youth worker / Monitor

Salary range: 769€ – 2627€ per month

Job prospect: The youth worker profession is on the rise. Is one of the measures to prevent unemployment and improve the quality of education in our country. A youth advisor works in public sector Youth structures, in Youth structures of the private sector or providing independent services to the above structures.

Web developer

Salary range: 2.583€ – 5.500€ per month

Job prospects: The profession of web developer has positive prospects in the job market, as computer applications concern more and more areas of our lives. The pay is satisfactory. A professional license is not required for the specialty of Web developer. Web developers can seek employment as employees in all public services, or as private employees in businesses, agencies, shops, organizations, companies that have IT products or use such systems, such as IT centers, IT companies, IT centers of banks, organizations, ministries, universities.


Salary range: 575€ – 2.007€ per month

Job prospects: In general, the outlook for occupations in the sector is positive. Freelancers are paid according to their experience, reputation and type of business, and their earnings can reach high levels. Chefs can work in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, colleges, university clubs, ships, factories, institutions, entertainment centers, ready-to-eat businesses. They can even open their own restaurant, takeaway business or deal with the organization of banquets.


Salary range: 518€ – 1.233€ per month

Job prospects: Employment prospects depends largely on tourist traffic and the operation or growth of recreational areas. A waiter can work in hotel businesses, restaurants, passenger ships and cruise ships, pastry shops, canteens, entertainment and leisure centers, banquets or other festive events. The salary of the waiter is relatively good, commensurate with his experience and qualifications, and is supplemented by the tips he receives from the customers he serves.

Secondary School Teacher

Salary range: 897€ – 3.141€ per month

Job prospects: The large increase in the number of university graduates creates serious problems in their absorption by public (and private) secondary education, which varies according to their major. There are better employment prospects in the private sector. Secondary school teachers usually work in secondary schools (public-private). However, depending on their specialty, they can work in primary education (e.g., gymnasts, musicians) and in training (e.g., IEK, KEK, OAED Schools). Also, as freelancers, they can work in tutoring schools, give private lessons, or establish their own private school or tutoring school.

School Counselor

Salary range: 769€ – 2.627€ per month

Job prospects: In order to carry out their work, they need to have scientific and pedagogical prestige and persuasion, to be accepted, not to be challenged, to show interest in the scientific training of teachers and to provide positive motivation and support in their work. They work in the local Directorates of Primary and Secondary Education with the aim of scientific and pedagogical guidance and support for teachers of all levels of education.

Personal trainer

Salary range: 421€ – 1.822€ per month

Job prospects: The employment possibilities of personal trainers are directly related to the sport in which they specialize, while an important role is played by whether it is individual or team. For Team Sports personal trainers, the employment possibilities are more. More generally, the outlook for the Coaching profession is positive, as there is increasingly a shift of interest towards active sports. Personal trainers can be employed in various sports clubs or as a personal trainer of athletes, in national teams and in teams of institutions, bodies or schools.


Salary range: 681€ – 2.073€ per month

Job prospects: In the field of journalism, there is a large supply of executives from many fields and with various educational qualifications, while jobs are not developing at the same pace. The Journalist can work in the daily and periodical press, in national and private radio and television stations, as well as in press and public relations offices, public and private bodies. As an external contributor, he can write articles in magazines and newspapers, collaborate with journalistic organizations or undertake reports for various publications and radio stations.


Salary range: 705€ – 2.060€ per month

Job prospects: The Pharmacist profession today presents difficulty in absorbing graduates. It is considered quite saturated, especially in large cities, where there is an abundance of pharmacies. Jobs in pharmaceutical industries are limited. The Pharmacist can work as an employee in a pharmacy, hospitals, insurance funds, dispensary pharmacies and drug or cosmetic manufacturing industries. Still, he can operate as a freelancer by running his own pharmacy.


Salary range: 627€ – 1.571€ per month

Job prospects: The increasing importance that people give to their eating habits is the main factor in increasing the demand for the dietitian-nutritionist profession. The Dietitian-Nutritionist can work in services that include or are related to nutrition (schools, hospitals, research programs, media, health professions, sports venues, institutes, weight loss centers, nutritional counseling centers). An experienced nutritionist can either acquire administrative duties or start their own business.


Salary range: 606€ – 1.669€ per month

Job prospects: The profession has developed satisfactorily in our country in recent decades. The number of jobs offered is satisfactory and professionals are well paid, especially if they run a private physiotherapy clinic. The Physiotherapist can work in physical therapy laboratories, hospitals, clinics, foundations and insurance agencies, beauty salons, sports clubs and sports centers, institutions for people with special needs, retirement homes or gyms.


Salary range: 469€ – 1.170€ per month

Job prospects: The Hairdresser can work in dependent or non-dependent jobs as an assistant in organized hair salons or barbershops. Hairdressers can work in beauty salons, weight loss centers, hair salons, but also in theater, cinema, television and fashion houses, as usage consultants, as consultants or educators in respective hairdressing workshops or schools. TEI graduates can also work as freelancers in their own hair salon.

Kindergarten teacher

Salary range: 722€ – 3.460€ per month

Job prospects: The abundance of kindergarten graduates makes it relatively difficult to appoint them to public education, but there are prospects for improvement due to the development of welfare services in recent years. The kindergarten teacher can be employed in public and private primary education, in public and private kindergartens, in child care institutions, in children’s hospitals, etc. He can also establish his own kindergarten or daycare center.

Web Influencer

Salary range: 327€ – 7.832€ per month

Job prospects: Companies will approach Influencers either through advertising or directly in order to create a partnership with them. The way they make money depends on the medium and only indicatively, these ways can be: Instagram, posts (photos/videos), stories, IGTV videos, Giveaways, Blog, Articles with follow link to the company (reviews, presentations, etc.), Advertising banners, affiliate marketing, Giveaways, YouTube, Video, Stories, Facebook, Post, Video, Stories, Giveaways. All the above are only indicative and vary according to the needs of each brand and of course according to each Influencer.

Tourist Guide

Salary range: 633€ – 1.404€ per month

Job prospects: The outlook for the profession is positive, due to the increase in travel and the improvement in living standards, which makes people demand quality vacations. More generally, however, the positive prospects depend on the general course of tourism in Greece. The tour guide can be employed in EOT services, in large travel agencies with a dependent work relationship and as a freelancer he can work with tourist agencies or EOT services.


Salary range: 672€ – 2.453€ per month

Job prospects: Factors such as philanthropy, the rising standard of living that allows for keeping pets, and the state’s animal welfare campaign help promote the profession. The Veterinarian works in private practices, private laboratories, in the public sector (Ministry of Agriculture, Agricultural Bank), or as a faculty member in existing university schools after postgraduate and doctoral studies. Also, he can work in agricultural cooperatives and associations, in slaughterhouses, piggeries, farms, poultry farms, pharmaceutical industries and food or animal feed industries.


Salary range: 583€ – 1.364€ per month

Job prospects: With the mechanization of agricultural production, the emergence of modern methods of land exploitation and the abandonment of the countryside, the supply of labor in the agricultural sector is different from earlier times. Moreover, the change in climatic conditions also affects this labor market in the field of agricultural production. The Farmer in Greece is self-employed and usually cultivates his own land. During the harvest or sowing seasons, he needs more hands and then he hires farm workers. The Farmer works individually, mainly in the countryside but also in greenhouses depending on the season or the crop.

Digital Marketer

Salary range: 892€ – 3.699€ per month

Job prospects: Undoubtedly, the field of Digital Marketing has developed rapidly in recent years, abroad as well as in Greece. With small to large businesses turning to Digital Marketing, there is a need for industry professionals with relevant skills and experience. You can work for a company full time or work as a freelancer for different companies. You could also work in a Digital Marketing agency, thus gaining experience from different businesses and products.

HR Expert

Salary range: 1.135€ – 4.303€ per month

Job prospects: There is significant demand for senior executives in the industry. The involvement with personnel and the importance of their contribution to the efficiency and competitiveness of a business or organization create good conditions for the employment of a sufficient number of HR Experts. HR Experts works in small or large businesses and organizations. Public enterprises usually have specialized personnel departments and mainly enterprises of the wider public sector, such as banks or insurance companies.

Programming Technician

Salary range: 892€ – 2.732€ per month

Job prospects: The H/Y Programmer designs computer programs. Converts the analyst’s solution into detailed logic diagrams and codes the programs in the selected programming language so that they are recognizable by the PC. Essentially, it adapts the capabilities of PCs to the needs of the user. It also deals with the study and implementation of new systems, or with the improvement and promotion of known applications and checks the programs to make sure that the results match reality and to correct possible errors.

Cyber security Expert

Salary range: 723€ – 4.732€ per month

Job prospects: The profession with the greatest prospects today is the cyber security expert. Graduates can work as Information Security Managers, Information Security Auditors, Security Managers or Architects, Senior Security Engineers, Data Protection Experts in the maritime sector or in regulatory and auditing authorities in the public sector.


Salary range: 702€ – 2.078€ per month

Job prospects: They can work in the public sector, in ministries, organizations, banks, as a freelancer, as an education and training teacher. The new areas of architecture, with which they can work professionally, are environmental care and landscape care, industrial production of facilities and equipment, maintenance, redesign and reuse of old buildings, landscape architecture, new technologies in design and construction, sociological and ethnological approaches to design and audio-visual parameters, as an element for the use of space. Today, the prospects for the profession are very positive.


Salary range: 628€ – 1.911€ per month

Job prospects: In the field of health there are great needs for trained Nurses. Their employment prospects are very positive, both for the public and private health sectors. For Nurses working in the State, there is the possibility to retrain for two years in a hospital and acquire specialization in a specialty, such as Pathology, Surgery, Psychiatry, Pediatrics. The Nurse, depending on his training, can work in hospitals, clinics, health centers, clinics and laboratories, in the health sectors of insurance organizations, nursing homes, and large companies that have clinics for staff, in research and in political planning in the field of of health, as a trainer of prospective sister nurses or, finally, as a freelancer providing services exclusively to patients.